Liquid Crimson partner with H&M for eco-focused Animal Crossing experience

Looop Isle is a collaborative project between award winning production house Liquid Crimson and brand partnership specialists Miai

Together with high-street-fashion-behemoth H&M and actress/animal crossing fan Maisie Williams,  they have planned, created and brought to life Looop Isle, to support H&Ms real life campaign to change the way we make and buy clothing, with a strong ‘recycling revolution’ vibe!

The first joint action is the launch of H&M Looop Island in Nintendo’s hugely popular game Animal Crossing: New Horizons on 13 April. Named after H&M’s recently launched garment recycling machine, which takes old clothes and recycles them into new ones, H&M Looop Island has been completely designed with a sustainable theme. Players can explore the island and recycle their game outfits into new ones in the first ever Animal Crossing: New Horizons clothing recycling station the Looop machine.

Looop Isle’s caretaker, Pascal is passionate about making a big, sustainable change for the planet - being H&Ms IRL head of sustainability – and has very kindly loaned his Island and Looop Manor to the cause 😉 Thanks to our designers and builders, Pascal enjoys life on the most eco-friendly island around and he wants to see you! Players are welcome to hang out on Looop Isle and enjoy the atmosphere, take photos in the purple glow of the forest, order a coffee at the living restaurant or take a swim out to our secret beach! But don’t forget to leave a message on the town notice board, preferably with your best sustainability tips!

Help us embrace circular fashion via the Looop Machine in real life, in H&M stores *and* on Looop Isle via our custom created AC Looop Machine. From there, players are encouraged to leave an unwanted item of in-game clothing next to the Looop Machine and then head into Able Sisters to download an *exclusive* H&M design (as seen on Maisie William’s avatar!).

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