Liquid Crimson and The Guildford Game Festival

Liquid Crimson are incredibly proud of our Guildford Games roots. We’ve all spent most of our careers in Guildford Games Studios. We’ve gained support, vital knowledge and - most importantly - friends from the Guildford Game Dev community. Before the pandemic, we were instrumental in running the monthly Guildford Game Dev Meet-Ups - because we fully believe that creating lines of communications that transcend the confines of studio or publisher (whilst being fully NDA compliant, of course *wink*) is really important. Our industry moves so fast, we have to learn and fail as quickly as possible and sharing those learnings is so important to the Game Industry’s continued evolution and success.

That passion for fortifying connections and relationships within the industry is the reason we’re fully supporting and sponsoring the Digital Guildford Games Festival 2020! Last year’s inaugural event was a huge success, and we aren’t about to let a pandemic stop us shining the biggest spotlight we could find on our beloved Surrey town.

We scoured our little black book to bring together - with appropriate social distancing, naturally - some of the most experienced Guildford developers from massive games you know and love. We’ve gathered insight from developers, fresh-faced and grizzled alike, to bring you valuable knowledge and stories that ring from the very walls of the studios you adore, and we’ve also stepped outside of the industry to bring tales from influencers and passionate  gamers in comedy, and… well… space!

When we were looking for a host for the Digital Guildford Games Studio, we didn’t have to look far. Our recently appointed Head of Communications, Lauran Carter, started her on camera career during her time at Lionhead Studios, where she was coached by Liquid Crimson alongside the talented Adele Cutting. Lauran’s experience, expertise and roots in the Guildford Dev Scene make her the perfect choice to be our on camera host and interviewer for the event. 

With over 10 years in the industry in various roles (and nearly as many game credits) Lauran has recently founded her own company - SuperCoolComms- where she assists indie game devs navigate the wild world of Social Media, influencers, events and more. She also hosts her own podcast - where she interviews global games industry talent. Her relaxed interview style makes her guests feel at ease and yields engaging and insightful conversation.

So join us, on the 13th & 14th November on Twitch and Steam (where possible), as we project the Guildford Games Festival directly into your living room! You can expect to hear from sponsors of the event EA and Criterion, and a selection of their talented roster of Frostbite and Need for Speed Developers, as well as the ever passionate Supermassive game devs - who will take us through how they scare us witless with every new release -, a panel of talented, inspiring and frankly badass women in games, and many, many more.

Whether you’re a seasoned developer or looking to step into a video games career for the first time, the event will have something for everyone, and we can’t wait to get going!