DemonFish Studios launch Skydiver

The DemonFish team launch Skydiver today as their first full game release. It's now available for download on the Google Play store, read on for the Guildford.Games review... 

Download Skydiver for your Android device now by visiting the store.


Review by Guildford.Games 

There was once a time when the 'endless runner' defined mobile games. Countless collective hours were spent surfing subways and traversing temples as a result. The team at DemonFish gave Guildford.Games early access to their first full game release, Skydiver, to show us how they had turned the whole genre on its axis. 

Perhaps better described as an endless faller, Skydiver immediately sets out to make your worst nightmares real by kicking you out of a plane with no parachute. In a world where terminal velocity doesn't exist, you'll want to grab those parachutes as they arrive in order to slow down your ever increasing speed and survive for as many seconds as possible. 

Flying past a backdrop of migrating birds, hot air balloons and UFO's you'll notice a few handy indicators appear at the bottom of the screen. Falling further is the only way to make your score climb higher, be sure to steer clear of the red exclamation marks that indicate a deadly storm cloud fast approaching. 

If flinging a human-like character out of the plane makes you start to question your own basic moral decency at Christmas time... you'll be glad to unlock one of the 12 playable characters that presumably don't feel pain when they inevitably hit the ground at Mach 10. If you download the game soon you'll be able to play as my personal favourite, the Christmas Tree. There's something about frantically trying to stop this jolly icon from plunging into the abyss that just feels so 2020. 

We started our Skydiver journey feeling jaded by the genre and sceptical about its high score setting formula. Quickly the game charmed us with its cute art style, clean animations and silky smooth controls. The original audio elements tied everything together, turning the nightmare of skydiving parachuteless into a dream-like experience. It hypnotised us into reaching for the skies far more often than we expected.

Our high score is 268.8 but we've just noticed an achievement for reaching 300, so we've got to go now. Tweet your high scores to @GuGamesFest and join us in congratulating DemonFish on marking Guildford's final game release of 2020 with a game well made.   



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