Guildford Games support One Special Day

Gamer's charity Special Effect are expected to raise record breaking funds and awareness through their One Special Day Steam Sale on Friday 1st October



Guildford.Games happily shared their Steam Sale experience from Guildford Games Festival with the charity for their event this year, helping it to secure a Steam page of its own and some valuable promotion for the event.

Visit the One Special Day Steam Page now and grab Guildford’s games at a discount to support the charity.    

A host of industry giants are pledging to donate some or all of the revenue from selected games to support the work of the charity.

Local companies supporting One Special Day this year include Electronic Arts, Criterion, nDreams, Fireproof Games, Hello Games, Chilled Mouse, Magic Notion, Twistplay, Fireblade Software and Media Molecule.



Tim Woodley, the Head of Publishing at Hello Games, Chair of Ukie and SpecialEffect Vice President, said, “SpecialEffect are a force for good in the video games world and a positive inspiration for all of us as they help people with disabilities find solace and enjoyment in video games. This year’s One Special Day is set to be the most important ever and it’s so great to see the industry getting behind this life changing work.”

Many other partners have generously arranged their own fundraising events and initiatives to support One Special Day, ranging from accessible game jams to industry livestreams and football matches seeing studios go head-to-head.

Since its inception in 2016, One Special Day has been supported by developers and gamers from all over the world and in total has raised over $1.5M. These vital funds enable SpecialEffect to help disabled gamers from the UK and around the world through personalised assistance, developer support and ground-breaking accessible gaming initiatives such as EyeMine and Eye Gaze Games.

“We’re so very grateful to all our games industry partners who have come together to help us celebrate this sixth One Special Day,” said Dr Mick Donegan, SpecialEffect CEO and Founder “The event sends out a powerful message by uniting the worldwide games industry and their fantastic communities behind the cause of making games more accessible for all. The funds and awareness raised on October 1st will play a huge role in enabling SpecialEffect to help even more people in the coming year and I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved for their generosity and support.”

Visit the One Special Day Steam Page now and grab Guildford’s games at a discount to support the charity.  

Those who want to donate directly to Special Effect can do so via Just Giving