New Releases on the Horizon from The Hollywood of Games!

Written by Lucy Vincent. Edited by Lauran Carter

Buckle up! Guildford Games Studios are taking us on one exciting journey with their planned releases for the second half of 2022 and beyond!

Some amazing games have been released so far this year; Kirby and the Forgotten Land, Elden Ring and Horizon Forbidden West to name a few… but, in our opinion, the best is yet to come!

Guildford Devs - including Two Point Studios, JumpShip, Rogue Sun, Fireblade Software, and Supermassive Games - are going to be releasing some absolutely awesome games throughout the rest of the year (and beyond!) and we thought we’d give you the lowdown.

The Quarry

Planned Release: 10th June 2022

Supermassive Games continue to amaze us! We’re truly proud when one of our hometown studios experiences massive success - which is exactly what happened with SMG’s last release, ‘House of Ashes’. The game was -astoundingly- developed during lockdown, which goes some way to show just how dedicated and in tune the SMG team are.

Their next game, The Quarry, is going to be just as well received with players, we’re sure of it! It’s set to come out in June 2022 and we really can’t wait! It’s the first of not one, but two planned releases this year from Supermassive!

The Quarry will no doubt spook your socks off! For updates head on over to or follow Supermassive on Twitter.

Two Point Campus

Planned Release: 9th August 2022

The talented Two Point Studios' previous released game - Two Point Hospital - was a smash hit and is one of -if not the best- hospital management games out there. 

Some of the greatest devs in the industry, including many ex-Lionhead team members, are set to continue the series with the release of Two Point Campus with a planned release date of August 9th 2022. Even better, they’re bringing back the Golden Toilet so that your students can poop like royalty! You’ll need to enroll on the website to get it, so add that to your to do list STAT!

If you don’t already know about the game (where have you been?!), then you can find out more details and stay updated over on their Twitter

Two Point Campus will be coming to PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and PlayStation. Make sure to give it a wishlist over on Steam!

Tin Hearts

Planned Release: 2022

Rogue Sun will be releasing their truly magical puzzle game Tin Hearts - an incredible tale of love and compromise. 

The studio is 7 years old and this will be their first full game release since Tin Hearts went early access back in 2017.

The game has already started stealing hearts (see what we did there?) and has been described as one of the most creative games at PAX East 2022.

To find out more about the game, check out this awesome preview or head to Rogue Sun’s Twitter for all the latest updates. And don't forget to wishlist it on Steam so those tin soldiers can march into your hearts!


Planned Release: 2023

Fireblade Software recently released the first trailer for their new, fast-paced FPS strategy game SENTRY and it looks awesome! Fighting waves upon waves of alien attackers onboard a massive space ship, what's not to love?!

The tiny team at Fireblade have previously developed and released the fantastic strategy game Abandon Ship.

If you don’t already make sure to follow Fireblade on Twitter and don't forget to wishlist it on Steam so you can be one of the first to thwart the alien intruders. 


Planned Release: TBC

The fantastic Jumpship are going to be shipping their debut game Sommerville later this year. Despite not yet knowing much about the game, we’re super hyped for the mysterious sci-fi adventure, the trailers look awesome! 

The incredible hype around the game is partly thanks to Dino Patti, a Co-Founder of Jumpship who worked on Limbo and Inside (both critically acclaimed games).

The Devil in Me

Planned Release: TBC

‘The Devil in Me’ is the second game this year being developed by Supermassive Games and it’s the final for the first season of The Dark Pictures Anthology series. Right now, the title remains a bit of a mystery but we’re sure SMG will bless us with some more information really soon… right, team?!