Tin Hearts - coming winter 2021/22



We’re excited to announce that Tin Hearts will be launching on PC, Console and VR platforms this winter!

Rogue Sun has partnered with the incredible publisher, Wired Productions, so that we can bring Tin Hearts to life! With their support we are now able to realise the full vision of the game and deliver to the incredibly high standards that we demand, and you want to see. To that end, we are busy making the game even better, with additional polish, enhanced gameplay, improved performance, and more… This is an incredibly exciting development, and we will have more news to share with you all soon.

It has been awesome to connect with so many of you who supported us during the Early Access phase and a big thank you to everyone who has provided so much valuable feedback and ideas, along with heart-warming messages of appreciation so far. So please, continue to do that as it makes a big difference to both the game and the energy, we put behind making it.

For now, stay tuned, and thank you for your continued support, it means everything.

Onward soldiers!

Kostas | Rogue Sun

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