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One of the original developers from Guildford-based Fireproof Games has built the iconic safe from The Room out of Lego & YOU can help turn it into a real Lego set!



As the Graphic Designer at Fireproof Games, Roger Schembri has worked on The Room series since its inception back in 2012, on everything from the user interface to marketing assets.

Being a long-term fan of toys and models he finds it almost magical to have a physical piece of a film or videogame which brings that fantasy into reality, from playing with Star Wars figures as a child to building Lego sets as an adult. As The Room is so well-known for being a very tactile game with buttons to push and hidden panels to open, Roger hopes many fans of the game would love the chance to build a tangible piece of the game which they could hold in their hands.

The Covid pause on 'normal' life gave him more free time to try something new and the iconic safe from The Room seemed like an ideal subject for a Lego Ideas project.



Lego Ideas is a crowd-funded platform and a great way for people to get the Lego set they’ve always dreamed of. If a project reaches 10,000 supports then the Lego group will consider it to be made into an official Lego set. There have been dozens of incredible Lego sets which have come into existence this way, from the Ghostbusters car to The Beatles’ Yellow Submarine!



Though Roger’s model is intended to be primarily a display set for adults, it does contain several play features, from the secret hatch at the rear of the safe to the ornate jewellery box and stack of books sat on top. The door to the safe can be opened to reveal a minibuild of the ornate wooden box (from the 2nd level of the game) or an alternative build of the tentacle creature, the physical manifestation of the dark power from the games. Of course it wouldn’t be a Lego set without a minifigure, so this set comes with the mysterious guide from the game known only by the initials A.S. Naturally he comes with a range of suitably Victorian accessories to help him explore the mysterious safe and discover its compelling contents.



Roger has been a fan of films & TV steeped in mystery & intrigue with a supernatural twist, from Raiders of the Lost Ark and The Shining to the X-Files, Eerie Indiana & Stranger Things and even after 8 years of making The Room games, he still loves the mysterious atmosphere and all the intricate details which pull you into these fantastical worlds Fireproof has created.

At the moment almost 2000 people have voted for this project and there’s still a long way to go, so if you like the look of it then click the link and add your support, every vote counts!



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