Supermassive Games announces new horror title The Quarry

A man looking angrily at another character from the game The Quarry

Mark your calendars! Supermassive Games’ new horror game is coming sooner than you think!

The team at Supermassive Games have just announced their newest project The Quarry is coming *this* summer, on June 10th!

Announcement trailer: 

The story follows the nine teenage camp counsellors on their last night at Hackett’s Quarry

As always, your decisions have the power to change the narrative and how the story ends!

The game features an all-star cast with David Arquette as Chris, the owner of the campsite, and Siobhan Williams, Justice Smith and Brenda Song as a few of the camp counsellors.

Find out more about the game:

We can’t wait to go camping in The Quarry this summer!