Supergonk launches Warp Drive

From a studio fast becoming known for its innovation in the racing game genre, Supergonk launched Guildford's latest game today, WARP DRIVE!  

Warp Drive introduces a completely new, never-before-seen mechanic to the core of the racing experience: warping around the track to reach different areas! This new warp mechanic is fundamental to the way the game operates, enabling players to easily jump enormous gaps, drive on the ceiling, and overtake their opponents in unexpected ways! The best players will have to use their creativity to plan the perfect route in each race, optimising their shortcut selection and chaining together energy pickups to be the fastest racer!

The main musical theme for Warp Drive, "Pumpin' Jumpin'", is an original track created by the legendary composer Hideki Naganuma. Supergonk Founder, Ben Ward, said of this relationship: "Naganuma-san is one of the most famous and iconic composers in the games industry, and we've been immense fans of his work since Jet Set Radio. We're incredibly proud to have his work included in Warp Drive".

Warp Drive will be continuously updated with new race tracks, vehicles, game modes and other surprises in the coming months. Supergonk Lead Artist, Will Milton, said: "we're already hard at work on extending Warp Drive with new experiences, and we'll be listening to player feedback to help shape this moving forward".

To celebrate the games launch, Warp Drive is discounted by 25% on Steam until 4th December

Warp Drive is also available now on Apple Arcade 

Visit the Supergonk website to learn more