Guildford.Games Festival 2024 Sponsor Spotlight: Supermassive Games

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We've been loving having the excuse to chat more about games with our lovely sponsors so strap in - it's time for another G.G Sponsor Spotlight! Supermassive Games' Alejandro takes a trip down memory lane to his most memorable G.G Festival moment, favourite childhood game and MORE! Let's get into it!

How do you believe the Guildford.Games Festival positively impacts the local community in Guildford and the gaming industry at large?

Guildford Games is a great platform to showcase the talent in Guildford across all the Developers and Publishers based here. It’s also a great way for us all to connect and engage with the next generation who are looking to join the industry and to show students in various fields that Guildford is great place to start their search for a career in gaming.

From your perspective, what unique opportunities does the festival provide for fostering connections between gaming enthusiasts, developers, and industry leaders?

For gaming enthusiasts, Guildford Games Festival connects fans to Developers and industry leaders in real life, showing them how we are all real people who are consistently learning from one another and striving to improve the industry.

Could you share a memorable moment or experience from a previous Guildford.Games Festival/Dev Drinks/Awards that highlights its significance to your and/or within the gaming community?

When the Switchback VR Team won the Innovation Award during the Guildford Games awards last year - It was such a surprise and a very good boost for the morale of the team.  Moreover, because the jury was developers of Guildford it felt like being recognised by our peers.

What was the first video game you remember playing, and how did it influence your love for gaming?

The first memory I have of game would be “Jack the Nipper 2: In Coconut Capers” for my Spectrum ZX, I still remember having to wait 30 min to play it and loving the visuals, keeping in mind that I was 6 years old at the time. That made me love puzzles and platformers…. Which are some of my favourite genres.

If you could be any video game character for a day, who would you choose and why?

Sephiroth because how he dresses and how cool he is, but now in all seriousness Alloy is from my point of view an extremely inspirational character, natural born leader and very courageous and kind.

What's your favourite gaming memory from your childhood?

So I remember very dearly and clearly how 3 friends and myself sneaked out to the arcades to play Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, we were not supposed to go there and we spend money, so we will get our weekly allowance shred between all to try to finish the game… and if you are wondering… I was Michelangelo (the best Turtle).

Are there any video game soundtracks that hold a special place in your heart? Which ones and why?

Journey will be one of the soundtracks that I hold as very special, the game came to me in a very difficult time in my life, the game and the soundtrack made me spend time relaxing and letting go in general, so now when I want a nice selfcare moment I put that soundtrack on. And then Crono Cross was the first soundtrack I bought, I remember having to order the soundtrack to Japan because the game never came to EU, but it made me appreciate soundtrack on games.

If you could visit any gaming world or environment in real life, where would you go and what would you do?

If it is only to visit and not face the horrors it will be Bloodborne, I love the gothic/Lovecraftian feeling of the world FromSoftware created.

What's your go-to video game for winding down after a long day?

So depends on what I want… if it is just relax and switch my brain a bit it is without a doubt Monster Train from Shiny Shoe, but if I want to end up with a smile I will put any of the Mario games (now going through Super Mario Bors. Wonder)

Thank you so much Alejandro! We look forward to you and the gang bringing the spooky vibes to the G.G Festival 2024!