Guildford.Games Festival 2024 Sponsor Spotlight: Owen Isherwood

In our first Sponsor Spotlight, we chat to Owen Isherwood's Director Adam Fenney. Owen Isherwood is an award-winning Commercial Property Agent operating throughout Guildford and the Surrey area, finding homes for numerious Guildford game studios (and beyond!)

So Adam, tell us, why did you choose to sponsor the Guildford.Games Festival? What aspects of the festival resonate with your company's values and goals?

Owen Isherwood has a long history in Guildford and has had many interactions with the gaming community based here over the years. Both Alex and I grew up playing games and as Directors we felt it was important to support the Guildford.Games community by sponsoring the festival. Guildford’s gaming community is integral to the area and has a huge impact on local job creation, which is something we can get behind as another local employer.

How do you believe the Guildford.Games Festival positively impacts the local community in Guildford and the gaming industry at large?

In an ever-increasing digital world we think it is important to support industries/communities that have made a particular physical location their home and events like the Guildford.Games festival are a rare opportunity for people from within and outside of the industry to get together to share ideas and their love for gaming!

What was the first video game you remember playing, and how did it influence your love for gaming?

Duck Hunt. I remember playing this for the whole day when I was given the NES for Xmas, years ago as a young kid. Nothing to comment on regarding the graphics, plot or gameplay I just have fond memories of shooting ducks all day with an orange plastic gun.

If you could be any video game character for a day, who would you choose and why?

Guybrush Threepwood, so I can dish out zingers in every social situation.

What's your favourite gaming memory from your childhood?

Probably the hours/days spent playing Pro-Evolution Soccer with my mates after school. Roberto Larcos anyone?!

Are there any video game soundtracks that hold a special place in your heart? Which ones and why?

The Metal Gear Solid series.

What's your go-to video game for winding down after a long day?

Now I have 2 young kids I rarely get to ‘wind down’ but if I could play any game it would probably be a golf game like a classic Tiger Woods PGA Tour. No COD stress to be found there…

If you could create a brand new video game genre, what would it be like and what would you name it?

I will leave this to the experts in the industry!

Thank you so much for your time, Adam! We're excited to have you and Owen Isherwood as part of our glowing roster of sponsors and supporters! You make events like the Guildford.Games festival happen!