Guildford.Games Awards 2022 Recap, Winners and Photos

Guildford Games awards trophies

Last Friday, Guildford’s Games Developers showed up en masse to celebrate the shortlisted and winners of the third annual Guildford.Games Awards at The Boileroom!

Guildford.Games has been organising and hosting the G.G Awards for 3 years now, using the evening to celebrate the astounding achievements of the Guildford developer community. This year was no different!

2022 gave us plenty of reasons to celebrate the game dev hub. Two Point Studios launched Two Point Campus, Supermassive Games launched The Quarry and - on the day of the G.G Awards no less - the most recent addition to The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Me. We’ve seen Guildford developers and studios take home awards at the TIGAs, the Develop: Star Awards and the MCV Awards, plus No Man’s Sky and Two Point Campus have been shortlisted for Geoff Keighley’s Game Awards later in the year.

In short - it’s been a big year!  So let’s have a look at the winners from the night...

Community Award

Winner: Alyx Jones

For another year, Alyx has proven to be the beating heart of the Guildford gaming community, supporting it by organising events such as game jams, whilst also making a name for herself as a big player in the wider games industry. Alongside her Games AUdio day job, Alyx has just been appointed a BAFTA Breakthrough Brit for 2022, she’s also been a judge for the Ivor awards, as well as being a Limit Break mentor and so much more!

We are so proud that we get to call Alyx ‘ours’ as she continues to make waves in the games industry, and this award is so very deserved.

Congrats Alyx!

Creative Award

Winner: nDreams for the nDreams Festival

nDreams continue to blow the community and the judges away with their care and effort to create a nurturing and rewarding work culture across their three studios - often in the most creative ways possible!

With the inaugural Festival, the nDreams devs came together to celebrate the team and their hard work and achievements - and making this happen is no easy feat! Here’s to many more!

Congratulations nDreams!

Collaboration Award

Winner: Liquid Crimson

With a passion for Guildford games, but also working with teams from across the globe Video Production and Communications experts, Liquid Crimson, pride themselves in embedding with the teams they work with as much as they can - to ensure that the studio’s voice and/or vision are fully integrated into their creations. This award is testament to their passion for their work and their dedication to the Guildford Games - and wider - games industry.

Congrats Liquid Crimson!

Diversity and Inclusion Award

Winner: Mahrez Wajeeh, Glowmade

Mahrez is a reasonably new addition to the G.G scene, having taken a role at Glowmade. According to her colleagues she has been nothing but a force for good since she set foot in the studio, continuing to build on the inclusive foundations laid by the Glow-team and creating healthy, creative space for women and non-binary developers at the studio.

Cited as having ‘the biggest heart’, Mahrez is passionate about many causes - from inclusivity to global disasters - and has encouraged and empowered her colleagues to be positive, vocal forces for change - as she is.

Congratulations, Mahrez!

Education Award

Winner: nDreams for The nDreams Academy

Launched in 2021, the nDreams Academy is an ongoing engagement and educational programme that sets out to improve the accessibility of a career in games. The nDreams Academy offers apprenticeships, graduate hiring, and internship initiatives – with a particular focus on diversity and inclusion when hiring for these roles.It’s vital that those in the industry concern themselves with inspiring the next generation of developers, and to do so with a focus on the often marginalised is an admirable task. We should all make a point of being more nDreams.

Congratulations Team nDreams!

Guildford Hero Award

Winner: Pete Samuels, Supermassive Games

Pete cofounded Supermassive Games - which in itself is reason to be crowned our Guildford Hero, we’re sure you’ll agree! But that wasn’t enough for Pete… since founding the studio he has encouraged the team to take their games to terrifying new heights, every time. From The Dark Pictures Anthology to The Quarry, recent years have seen Team Supermassive really hone their craft - and we speak from experience when we say that it takes a strong backbone and careful curation of a studio’s culture to empower developers to do their very best work. Pete nailed it.

Congratulations on being our Guildford Hero 2022!

Innovation Award

Winner: Sam Swain, Apparance

Sam has been involved in the making of some of the very best video games to come from Guildford during his career - as an embedded and solo developer. In the last year, he’s been able to focus on his procedural generation middleware - Apparance. This year saw Apparance launch to the public as an Unreal Engine plug-in, which is destined to change the way the global games industry views and uses procedural generation.

Both his contribution to Guildford game development and the creation of Apparance are the reasons he’s our winner of the Innovation award this year.

Congratulations Sam!

Experience of the Year

The Dark Pictures - collected by Tom Heaton on behalf of the team

The Dark Pictures Anthology have been wowwing lovers of horror and suspense since Little Hope, and they continue to do so. The most recent offering from the Team, The Devil in Me, was long anticipated by fans and has received some rave reviews since its launch on Friday. Tom Heaton heads up the Dark Pictures team, which is why he was ‘nominated’ to come and collect this award. He and the team work incredibly hard to give players a real breadth of choice and depth of stories in their games - and the world loves it!

Congrats Tom and Team SMG!

Check out some moments from the night in the album below


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