Guildford Devs Represent at Game Dev Heroes Award Nominations

Guildford Devs shine bright amongst the recently-announced Game Dev Heroes Nominations! We’re stoked to see so many talented devs recognised in this year's awards – here's all the G.G finalists in Game Dev Heroes 2024!

Art + Animation Finalist 

Sasha Coulon, 3D Animator at Supermassive Games 

Production Finalist 

Ryan Butler, Producer at Supermassive Games 

Programming Finalist 

Tim Swann, Senior Programmer at Two Point Studios 

QA Finalist 

Chloe Mills, QA Tester at Media Molecule 

Rising Star Finalist 

Lien Cross, Early Careers Manager at nDreams 

Sound Finalists 

Lewis Thompson, Sound Designer at Soundcuts 

Matt Simmonds, Principal Sound Designer at nDreams 

Writing + Narrative Finalist

Vicky Wheeler, Advanced Narrative Designer at Supermassive Games 

And last but by no means least, G.G Devs received 4! Nominations in the Unsung Hero Category! 

Jess Molloy, Game Designer at Stellar Entertainment 

Paul Clarke, Game Dev Tutor at ACM Game Academy Guildford 

Steve Belcher, Designer at Media Molecule 

Tara Bunker, Digital Content Creator at Supermassive Games 

That’s 12 nominations for devs from the Hollywood of Games! It’s always heartwarming to see Guildford devs get the recognition they deserve and a chance celebrate beyond our town walls. We’re beaming with pride at all of these fantastic nominations! We’re rooting for you all and we’ll undoubtedly see many of you on stage on the big night! 

About Game Dev Heroes

Game Dev Heroes is a celebration of the hard-working devs behind video games. The awards are judged by a stellar panel of industry professionals – and we even spotted a few familiar faces! Amongst the judges are a bunch of G.G devs – Alejandro Arque of Supermassive Games, Alyx Jones of Silver Script Games, and Charlotte Wooley of Media Molecule! 

The winners will be revealed on Tuesday 9th July at Develop:Brighton.