Sneak Peek of Speakers & Panels at the G.G 2023 Festival!

The Guildford.Games Festival will be returning to Glive on 10th February! The festival will host 8 panels featuring local developers, booths from local studios, places for you to meet and chat with developers, Guildford made games to play and much more! 

The new year is - unsettlingly - just around the corner, so we thought it was high time we announced the first round of speakers and panels you’ll be able enjoy at the G.G Festival! We’re lucky to be able to involve creatives who have worked on some of the best known franchises in the world, many of whom call Guildford home, and this year we’ve pulled out all the stops to bring you insight from some incredibly talented people on a variety of topics.

The G.G Festival will have something for everyone - many of the panels will be useful to those looking to forge a career in game. Others will give insight and discussion on topics that those working in the industry will benefit from, and there will also be one or two that will cover the history of video games and Guildford designed to appeal to anyone who loves video games.


We will be announcing our full line up of speakers in the new year, but to whet your appetite we’re going to unveil two of them right now!

Speaker: Adele Cutting, Soundcuts

Adele is a BAFTA-winning Audio Director and founder of Soundcuts. She’s been in the industry for 20 years with her career seeing her work on the Harry Potter franchise, The Quarry and Assassins Creed.

Adele will be sitting on our Women in Games panel, alongside 2 other incredible women. She’s a fierce champion for women in games, talented, knowledgeable and one awesome storyteller. You won’t want to miss Adele at the G.G Festival!

Speaker: Jim Unwin, Glowmade

Jim’s career started in 1999, and his tenure to date has seen him take roles at Kuju,  Media Molecule, and Sony’s Creative Centre before settling on his current form as Project Lead at Glowmade - with a little UX on the side. He describes his role as ‘Keeper and communicator of the game vision, map maker, cat herder’

Jim’s as passionate about play and player interaction as much as he is about inclusion and diversity in video games. His thoughtful and considered approach to his work will make for an insightful talk! He’ll be speaking on a Diversity & Inclusion Panel at The festival, don’t miss it!


As with our speaker line up, we will reveal the full schedule of talks taking place at the Festival in the new year. As well as the Women in Games and Diversity panels that we’ve mentioned above, we can exclusively reveal two more panels for festival goers to enjoy on February 10th!

Talk: Crafting Interactive Narrative Games

Narrative games have never really gone out of fashion, as players we love nothing more than to feel in control of the decisions we make in game. We need to grow attached to the characters and care about the story we’re enveloped in.

So how does a studio go about ensuring their stories will fully immerse the player in an unknown world? How do they make us care about their characters and become invested in their journeys? These are the questions we’ll aim to answer with this talk.

Stay tuned for the full announcement speakers and panels, including who will be joining us for this talk!

Panel: Guildford and Racing Games

Guildford and Racing goes together like Guns n Roses and the Burnout Paradise soundtrack! And that’s what we’re going to be talking about - well, not only Burnout but F1, Need for Speed, Motorsport Manager and maybe we’ll even keep it old skool with a little Redline Racer.

Expect to hear from names that have made your favourite racing games, and keep an eye out for our next round of speaker announcements for the full panel line up!

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