Fireblade Software announce SENTRY

Sentry screenshot

Fireblade Software, the Guildford based creators of Abandon Ship, have announced their next title - SENTRY - and dropped one awesome trailer along with it!

SENTRY is an FPS spliced with tower defence  - complete with alien hordes and spaceships in peril. You’ll need to flee earth via multiple crafts, outrun the extraterrestrial enemies and prepare to fight if they catch up with you. You can tackle the task alone or with a friend, but however you choose to take on the task you better be prepared to make some tough choices to save humanity. 

Due to hit Steam in early access in 2023, make sure you wishlist SENTRY so you don’t miss any news from the devs. You can also follow the studio on twitter to get on the ground updates on development. The game’s announce was also covered by PC Gamer.

Congratulations, Fireblade on an announce well done! We can’t wait to get our hands on the game when it goes into early access … and please consider releasing the soundtrack too!