Hallows’ Dreams: Ghost Train is a Spooktastic Halloween Event Worth Playing on PlayStation!

Screenshot of Dreams Ghost Train Carnival

Dreams’ ghost train is an epic community-created collab

Written by Lucy Vincent - Communications Intern at Liquid Crimson - @Lucyjvin

If you have some spare time this weekend and a copy of Dreams, get yourself on Hallows' Dreams: Ghost Train for the perfect Halloween adventure! (and hey, if you don’t have the game, you won’t miss out! It’s also included in the free trial for a short period of time.)

Media Molecule's Halloween event went live on the 15th October and features a 'Fearcade'!  “What’s that?!”, I hear you cry.. well... a Fearcade is a spooky arcade, and this one is positively hubble-and-bubbling over with creepy mini games. Players can enjoy 'Lostsleep Gardens' packed with pumpkin patches created by the Dreams community, and 10 ghost train experiences each filled with a dozen-ish unique community-made levels!

Ever since LittleBigPlanet, Media Molecule have owned the creative gaming genre and have very much defended that ownership with Dreams! The team have done an exceptional job with the game - which has provided the tools required for the passionate and creative community to experience the unfiltered fun of not just making ‘games’ but also seeing others - in this case the Dreams Community - enjoy them. Bliss!

Community jams like Dreams’ Halloween event 2021 are clearly carefully planned and executed by Mm's team. The studio provides a theme and template - in this case “ghost train” - and let’s the community run wild with it! The game jams are in collaboration with Mm's developers and previous events have provided the wider community with frankly astounding gaming experiences. I can confirm that Hallows' Dreams: Ghost Train will astound too…

The Experience 

You first arrive at Horror Junction and in this small area there's a tent in which to choose a selection of spooky characters. My personal fave was the monster with lots of eyes and four arms. 

After choosing your character you go into the Carnival of Curiosities - where you’ll find the game and ghost train. The whole area is brilliantly themed, right down to the music which creates a creepy, carnival atmosphere. 

What makes Dreams' event so special is that the community-created ghost trains are all so creative and different - you’ll experience everything from creepy clowns to musical skeletons, and even a ghostly rhythm game. For me, The Creature from the Welcome Garden was an amazing set of levels and I would recommend everyone to play it! You’ll find the level in ghost train station 2. If you're brave enough and want to get the most spine-tingling experience you should play in VR… and if you feel like sharing your experience, give me a run down on Twitter - I’d love to hear how you got on!

The Creature from the Welcome Garden levels really stood out to me. I loved the one that was made from breakfast ingredients! You say what?! Yeah, everything in the level was what you would expect to find in a full English: sausages, eggs, beans, and toast, but constructed into trees and spooktacular creatures. It was so weird and wacky that it got me hyped to see what other ghost train creations would have in store. Other great levels included an eerie ‘It’s A Small World’ parody - it’s a scare-world after all, and a journey through someone’s heart whilst listening to the bangin’ beats.

Oh! And if having a whole host of brand new, creepy levels to traverse wasn’t enough - make sure you play Hallows' Dreams: Ghost Train before November 1st if you want to unlock the new Halloween imps! Who wouldn’t want to trick or treat themselves to some terrifyingly cute little imps?! 

Have a fang-tastic Halloween! 🧛🏼‍♂️ 🎃