A live storytelling by Salix Games to premiere on Twitch

Salix Games Screenshot

Salix Games, headed up by CEO Jessica Saunders, released Dance of Death: Du Lac and Fey in 2020 alongside Tea Clipper Games. Post launch, the team worked tirelessly to bring a free bug fixing update to the game, which gave their audience a clear understanding of the studios’ dedication to their audience and medium. The game was well received by narrative game fans and gained a ‘very positive’ feedback status on Steam. 

Since then, Salix and have been working with Tea Clipper Games once again to create The Alchemyths - a storytelling experience featuring a live cast, where the audience decides the direction the story takes. During key parts of the story, the audience will be asked to vote for what happens next via Twitch Chat.

Think Audible meets Twitch with audience input. Using prewritten scripts performed by professional voice actors, and with the flair and dramatics of your favourite Audible productions; bespoke music, art and sound effects accompany live character performances.

Whilst interactive adventure games have been seen before, this is a beautifully realised example. The Alchemyths offers world class production values. The cast and writing team have enjoyed extensive careers in the video games industry and are credited on huge titles. 

The team of veteran AAA game developers have considered everything from the flow of the live storytelling - cutting down on the dead air on screen - to how to engage the passionate Twitch community and how to involve them in shaping the direction of future performances and stories.

The team have many stories that they’d like to tell, and would eventually hope to seek a vast diversity of story that could be shared and enjoyed with The Alchemyths. In time, streamers with a passion for narrative games would be able to put on their own performances for their audience, featuring their own cast.

Join Salix Games and the all-star live cast on Twitch this Friday 11th February for the first act for The Alchemyths!