Guildford Museum commit to games exhibition in 2022

Guildford Heritage Service has committed to feature our local game development history in an exhibit next year, now they need our help to build their collection.

Any items donated will remain in the museum archives permanently, securing our games industry a place in Guildford's cultural history for future generations. An exhibition to display the items will be held in Summer 2022. Particularly precious items can also be loaned to the museum for the duration of the exhibition only. 

This collection marks a new era for the museum as they seek to develop their collection by collecting objects that show Guildford as it is today. The museum currently tells Guildford's rural history as a market town, now the museum aims to highlight the towns significant contribution to modern digital society.

So far, the museum has collected a copy of Fable and conducted an audio interview with Peter Molyneux. It has also received a Spectrum Sinclair once owned by a local resident.   

The onus is now on us to reflect our games industry as comprehensively as possible in time for the exhibition next year.

Examples of content that the museum hope to showcase at the exhibition include:

- A physical copy of every game featured on the Guildford.Games timeline

- Artwork and posters associated with those games

- Behind-the-scenes style development collectibles, hardware and curios

- Objects that represent individual game studios

- Photographs from within Guildford's games studios and from their staff

- Digital assets such as design documents and game files

- Accounts of personal experiences whether audio, visual or written

Please check your attics and garages for items of this kind and donate them to the museum. 

To arrange, contact the museum's Collections Manager, Sarah Fairhurst.