Guildford.Games Festival 2024 Schedule

We can hardly believe it but the Guildford.Games Festival 2024 is only 3 weeks away! This time we are taking over the whole of Glive with talks & panels galore, portfolio reviews and more. 

Our packed programme offers something for everyone - from aspiring devs to games industry veterans! From insight on how to get into games in the first place to specialised interviews with the talent of Guildford, here's the Guildford.Games Festival 2024 schedule!

Auditorium Schedule

10:45// Games Industry Hero Opening Keynote

11:10// Careers in Games Overview

12:00// Getting into the Industry

13:00 onwards// Portfolio Reviews

Bellerby Room

12:00// Beyond the Beat: Exploring the Intersection of Music and Video Games

13:00// Game Changers: Celebrating and Encouraging Diversity in the Games Industry

14:00// Branching Cinematic Narrative

15:00// Streaming Success: Strategies for Engaging Streamers & Creators

16:00// Immersive Narratives: The Art of Interactive Storytelling

17:00// From Concept to Experience: Building VR Worlds & Gameplay

Glass Room

11:30// Levelling Up: Empowering Talent through Upskilling

12:30// Skill Swap: Harnessing transferable skills

13:30// AI and the games industry

14:30// Business basics: Key points for growing your game studio

15:30// Pitch Perfect: Strategies for successfully presenting your new game/studio

Rock Room

12:00// Connecting Capabilities - Research to Revenue

13:00// The Importance of Studio Culture

14:00 onwards// Break Out Space

Comedy Room

14:00// Public Funding for Scaling Up Your Game Studio After Your First Game: UK Global Screen Fund