Exhibitor Reveal: G.G Festival 2023

From Guildford’s home-grown indie studios to its AAA behemoths - plus loads more - the Guildford.Games Festival 2023 exhibitor list is bound to delight… and with this talented bunch in attendance, you may even gain some XP! Join us and all of these amazing studios, businesses and charities next Friday 10th February at Glive!

Don't forget to check out the full schedule and bios for all the panels that will be happening on the day too!

First Floor

The first floor of the festival will treat attendees booths from Guildford's very own Glowmade, a studio founded by talented Fable developers. Here you'll also find the ACM's video games students and lecturers creating artistic masterpieces in real time - cosplayers, head here to act as muse for said masterpieces!

This floor also boasts FORMATs Northern Indie Zone - a selection of devs who have come all the way from beyond the M25 to join us, true dedication!
Spartan FX, EM3, The Games Assembly, local community initiative Guildford Festivals, Quiztal and UCA/Skera can all be found on the first floor too! 

Ground Floor

The ground floor is a bit of a Guildford developer studio showcase - you will find Indie Studio Rogue Sun, Criterion's mega booth and Playsport in all their finery right here!

The G.G Game Jam team - hopefully rested from their 3 days jamming for the Global Gam Jam - will be proudly presenting all games made at this year and previous years game jams.

Arrogant Pixel, the Uni of West London, Opozo, Portsmouth Uni and Guildford Borough Council - who are all super passionate about the local video games scene - can all be found here too.

Ground Floor
Ground Floor

Lower Ground Floor

Fans of horror games should make a bee-line for the lower ground floor - but prepare to be scared out of your wits by Supermassive Games! If racing is more your jam, Stellar Entertainment will be the place to help you get over the potential horrors of Supermassive.

VR aficionados nDreams will also be on show on this floor, as well as conducting portfolio reviews in one of our smaller spaces, so students - bring your work with you if you'd like it to be critiqued!

Continuing the Guildford studio theme, audio wizards Sound Cuts and trailer production house Liquid Crimson will also reside on the lower ground floor.

You'll also find our official charity partners for 2023, the Heavy Metal Truants, here. They will have a selection of items donated by Guildford studios. There'll be a VR kit,  a PS5, game codes, game merch and so much more up for grabs, so make sure you talk to the Truants about how to get involved! 

Farnborough Tech and BDO round up our awesome line up of exhibitors!

Lower Ground Floor
Lower Ground Floor

If you're joining us at GLive on 10th Feb, make sure you check out our speaker list and familiarise yourself with all the talks and panels you’ll be welcome to attend – but remember all talks will be first come, first served!