Guildford.Games is going to Guilfest!

Guildford.Games is thrilled to announce that it will be hosting an interactive tent at this year's Guilfest, bringing a selection of  playable, blockbuster video games - all made in the town - and an exclusive opportunity to meet some of the talented developers currently working in Guildford, renowned for its longstanding, vibrant game development industry.

Guildford.Games has long been the beating heart of the UK’s gaming industry, home to numerous world-class studios and a thriving community of creative talent. At Guilfest, festival goers will have the unique chance to experience firsthand the remarkable history and cutting-edge creations of Game Development Studios in Guildford.

Highlights of the Guildford.Games Tent at Guilfest:

1. Showcase of Blockbuster Games: Immerse yourself in a curated selection of iconic games that have put Guildford on the global gaming map. From classic hits to recent sensations, relive the magic of titles that have defined eras and captivated millions of players worldwide.

2. Meet the Developers: Engage with developers from some of Guildford's most esteemed studios. Gain insights into the creative processes behind your favourite games and discover the passion that drives these creators to push the boundaries of interactive entertainment.

3. Learn More about the Games Industry: If you’re interested in joining the Games Industry, there will be someone available in the Games Tent to have a short chat and point you in the right direction!

"We are incredibly excited to bring the spirit and creativity of Guildford's game development community to Guilfest! We’re thrilled to have Guilfest back where it belongs, and this is a fantastic opportunity for us to celebrate Guildford’s rich game dev history, connect directly with players and *hopefully* give all Guilfest attendees an idea of the breadth of creative, award winning talent on their doorsteps!”