The Guildford Game Audio website has landed!

Written by Toni Atanasova

Guildford Game Audio has launched its new website! The website is the home of the talented community of professionals working in Game Audio in and around Guildford. There you can find news, events and an exciting upcoming mentorship scheme for audio folk!

We chatted to co-founder Alyx Jones all about the website, how to get involved in the community and more…

So tell us more about the website - what IS Guildford Game Audio?

Guildford Game Audio is a community group for anyone working in game audio around Guildford. We have been organising informal meetups for a while now but wanted to make everything easier to find, and welcoming to people who have never come to a meetup before. We will continue to have regular meetups, probably about 3 or 4 a year but we are also starting a mentoring scheme, so we will help match up mentors and mentees and support both parties with the process. We also have a resources section on the website, where we will continue to add helpful information and inspiration for everyone. 

It’s not a secret, we love Guildford Games but… Why Guildford?

Guildford is the home of so many games companies and is a hub for game developers in the surrounding areas. Myself and Lewis both studied here and have been a part of the community for many years and wanted to give something back. There’s also a lot more to the area than just the games industry and we really want to connect up education providers and the local community, as well as people working in games, to all come together. 

You mentioned you have regular meetups, can we come? 😉

Anyone can come to our meetups but they are generally aimed at professionals working in any aspect of game audio (be it music, sound design, voice acting, implementation, coding etc), or if anyone is just interested in that field of work, either a student, or work in a different area of games or audio, everyone is welcome! 

Our next meetup is the 11th September, which is just a chance for people to get together with other game audio enthusiasts locally!  

You’re starting up a mentorship initiative for game audio folk, can you tell us a little bit more about it?

We believe mentoring can be really key to helping people find their route into the career they want and it can be particularly hard in a lot of audio careers as they are typically freelance. You can sign up either to be a mentor or a mentee as long as you have a reasonable local connection to the area. For mentors, they should have upwards of one year experience in the industry and anyone can be a mentee. If you go to you can choose which (or both) you might like to sign up to. Simply fill out the form and we will do our best to match everyone when we officially launch the scheme later in the year. 

Get involved, Guildford devs! And to keep up with all things Guildford Game Audio, make sure you check out the website or sign up to their mailing list for all the latest news and events! And if you just fancy a chat - Guildford Game Audio have a Facebook group too -