Guildford Winners From The Game Dev Heroes Awards!

This year’s Game Dev Heroes winners have been announced and we’re pleased to say a few *incredible* Guildford devs have won!

We’re excited to see that not one; but two talented devs from Supermassive Games have been recognised by Game Dev Heroes. Autumn Jackson, Advanced Game Designer at Supermassive Games won the award for Design Hero. Alejandro Arque Gallardo, Game Director at Supermassive Games received the Leadership Hero award.

Jen Simpkins, Editorial Manager at Guildford’s Media Molecule has won the award for Writing and Narrative Hero.

Alyx Jones, who also runs the infamous GG Game Jam, took home the award for Sound Hero!

We’re super proud to see local devs from Guildford celebrated for their contribution to the games industry! To find out more and see the list of this year’s winners head over to Game Dev Heroes