Guildford.Games Awards 2019

29th June 2019

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  • Creative Award

    Will go to the individual or team who have shown their creative skills. This does not mean it’s only open to artists, could be creative coding, creative thinking...

  • Collaboration Award

    Looking for the individual or team who have shown great collaborative skills at work, or outside of work but within the community.

  • Community Award

    Covering Community Managers or someone from a studio organising games Dev events in the local community or charitable work which benefits the wider community.

  • Education Award

    (Not just for educational institutions) Are you part of a Guildford studio who offer talks at events or goes out into the community to help impart knowledge? Do you run events to bring people together? Have you run courses or internships in your studio?

  • Innovation Award

    Have you created hardware, software or a new way of thinking or doing things?

  • Guildford Hero Award

    Have you done something inspirational to help the Guildford Games Community?

  • Diversity and Inclusion Award

    This award will go to an individual or organisation who can demonstrate they are positively encouraging diversity and inclusion in their role, company, workforce. If you are showing support and encouragement for the following communities: BME, disability, women, LGBT we would love to hear from you.

  • Experience of the Year Award

    Something great that's impacted the Guildford Games community in a positive way.

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The hosts for the night will be Lauran Carter (SEGA, ex EA and Lionhead) and Kitty Powers (Magic Notion, Media Molecule, ex EA)


The Awards event will happen on 29th June 2019 at The Boileroom in Guildford. This will be a fun evening, so no sit-down meals, no formal wear; just good conversation, amazing pop-up kitchen food, live music and of course, awards that actually mean something to the Guildford games teams.


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