The Guildford Games Awards are presented annually to recognise, honour and reward outstanding achievement in games. The awards categories reflect the wealth and diversity of the games sector.

The Guildford Games Awards also honours individuals with awards in recognition of their contribution to the games industry.

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Award categories

Creative Award

Will go to the individual or team who have shown their creative skills. This does not mean its only open to artists, could be creative coding, creative thinking...

Collaboration Award

Looking for the individual or team who have shown great collaborative skills at work or out within the community.

Community Award

Covering Community Managers or someone from a studio organising games Dev events in the local community or charitable work which benefits the wider community.

Education Award

(Not just for educational institutions) Are you part of a Guildford studio who offer talks at events or goes out into the community to help impart knowledge? Do you run events to bring people together? Have you run courses or internships in your studio?

Innovation Award

Have you created hardware, software or a new way of thinking or doing things?

Diversity and Inclusion Award

This award will go to an individual or organisation who can demonstrate they are positively encouraging diversity and inclusion in their role, company, workforce. If you are showing support and encouragement for the following communities: BME, disability, women, LGBT we would love to hear from you.

Guildford Hero Award

Have you done something inspirational to help the Guildford Games Community?

Experience of the Year Award

(equivalent to the Mercury Music Prize) that shortlists 5 games, is chosen by an independent and diverse panel, and is genre- and sector- (ie Indie, Amateur, AAA, student) agnostic.

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Rules and further information

Timetable 2021

  • 14/10/2021 Guildford Games Awards - Announcements
  • 25/11/2021 Entry site opens
  • 12/11/2021 Final entry deadline
  • 13/11/2021 Judging of entries starts
  • 22/11/2021 Guildford Games Awards Nominations announced
  • 02/12/2021 Guildford Games Awards winners announced


Entries are invited for the Guildford Games Awards in 2021 from both Developers and Publishers.

Any individual or team are eligible as long as they are based in the GU (Guildford) post code.

The Individual or team must have done what they are being nominated for between 1st January 2020 and 1st October 2021.


All entries should be made via the Entry site.

Entry deadline for all entries is Friday 12 November. Following this date, the entry site will be closed

There must be careful consideration of who is proposed for nomination as changes cannot be made once nominations have been announced;

Guildford Games Awards are not liable for errors in listings that are the result of incorrect information submitted on the entry form


There is no fee for entries to the Guildford Games Awards

Voting and juries

Judging panel are made up of between eight and ten industry experts.

All voting is authenticated by the Guildford Games Awards appointed scrutineers.

All decisions made by Guildford Games Awards and its judges are final and no correspondence will be entered into as to why particular entries were or were not nominated.

Nominations and winners

The nominations for each category will always be listed in alphabetical order

Nominations will be announced approximately four weeks before the ceremony

The winners press release is the definitive source of award winners information

All individuals or teams named as award winners will receive a Guildford Game Award.

The Guildford Games Awards does not issue replicas of the Award;

Clip usage - Nominated content

An important part of Guildford Games Awards remit is to promote excellence in games to as large an audience as possible. In order to fulfil this, Guildford Games Awards intends to show clips of nominated games at the Awards ceremony and these clips may form part of its online broadcast in the UK.