The Room VR: A Dark Matter is available now on PSVR2!

The fifth instalment in the popular puzzle game series, The Room, is exclusively available on VR platforms! Bringing players all the mystery and intrigue they've come to expect from Fireproof's games, A Dark Matter is not to be missed!

Set in 20th century London, the game immerses you within various cryptic locations to uncover the disappearance of an esteemed Egyptologist. Explore your environment, piece clues together and hopefully shed some light on the unexplained missing academic.

Check out the announcement trailer and start making notes on the case...

10 years after their first release, A Dark Matter is Fireproof Studio's first VR title. The developers have addressed the game’s VR-only availability in their website: 

“...after 8 years and four games on mobile, we felt it was time to take a step back and try something new.” 

“We’ve always been big fans of VR, and the opportunity to bring The Room into virtual reality seemed like a great way to do that.” 

The Room VR: A Dark Matter is available in the Occulus Store, Steam and the PlayStation Store, and players who already own the PlayStation 4 version can get a free upgrade to the PSVR 2 version now! More info here, via the Playstation store.

Written by: Francesca Castelo - G.G Volunteer, Surrey County Council