170,000 grant available to local developers

Games / Immersive expertise needed, apply before 28th Feb. 

StoryFutures and The National Gallery have come together in a truly ground-breaking partnership to offer UK creative companies a unique opportunity to create an immersive Minimum Viable Product (MVP) that allows children to explore the art and science of nature in the Gallery’s collection. The aim of the MVP is to not only play out both in the Gallery and at home for family visitors in the UK, but also provide support to the winning company to export the experience to Shanghai, where partners in technology, museums and universities are building a collaborative exchange programme

On offer is a £170,000 production budget, along with substantial in-kind support from all three institutions, to enable one successful company to create an immersive experience that can help explore the opportunities and challenges of cultural and economic export and exchange between the UK and China.

We invite creative companies in the ‘Gateway Cluster’ and Greater London region, with experience of one of the following areas, to take part in an exciting new Research & Development (R&D) collaboration:

· Use of immersive technologies in museums, galleries and visitor attractions
· Use of gaming in educational contexts
· Creative use of Artificial Intelligence

The initiative adopts a child-led approach to innovation in order to develop a prototype that will increase the Gallery’s appeal to family visitors as well as to Chinese tourists and nationals. At the heart of the prototype’s experience will be a learning journey that enables children to explore nature across the Gallery’s collection, enhancing their understanding and passion for art, how it is created, who it is for and the role of the Gallery in global art curation.

The deadline to submit your application is Midnight, Sunday 28th February.

Download the project brief here

Apply for the fund here