Guildford Game Jam

View the games made at Guildford Game Jam this weekend here

Guildford is very fortunate to have a thriving Game Jam community. A dedicated and passionate group of organisers regularly bring together talented people, from within each of our local studios, to get creative together. 

Forming temporary teams usually lasting for just the length of a weekend, each person contributes their skills to compliment the others and make improvised games according to a common theme. 

To celebrate Guildford Games Festival this year, the Guildford Game Jam team will be running a remote Game Jam alongside the event, open to all. This years theme is 'Renewal' and with more than 46 participants, we can't wait to see their different interpretations of the concept.

Freelance Composer and Sound Designer Alyx Jones told us about why she knew it was important for a jam to be organised for the festival again this year;

"I started doing Game Jams when I was a student at the University of Surrey as a way to meet new people in the local area and I was keen on the idea of being involved in making a game for the first time. Fast forward a few years later and I feel embraced by the community in Guildford, and also proud to call so many people in the local games industry my friends too. I love being creative with like-minded people outside of my day job, and being able to make small games about what’s important. Game Jams are just a wonderful space to grow as a person and in your chosen discipline (or even outside of it!), we’re so lucky to have a bunch of people so passionate about keeping them going!" 

Lorraine Ansell of Lorraine Voice Art will contribute her voice acting, writing and production skills to teams this weekend and told us what keeps bringing her back;

"I love the Guildford Games jams as we get to make some fun games, make friends and it has a really chilled vibe to it as well. A great way to spend a creative weekend!"

Liam de Valmency of Media Molecule has organised a number of local game jams and always takes part in them himself. He told us why regular game jams are an important feature of a game development cluster like Guildford; 

"For me, Guildford Game Jams have primarily been about connecting with the Guildford game development community and helping folks meet each other. Every jam there are new friendships and new collaborations forming, and it's always wonderful to see. The best thing about the Guildford industry is having all these lovely, talented, creative people in one small area, so any opportunity to bring that community closer together is worth taking. All the other benefits (flexing creative muscles outside of work, learning new skills, experimenting, and running with ideas that have been bubbling away in your mind) are just icing on the cake!"

For more about the game jam and for information on how you can participate, read the official announcement below.

To celebrate Guildford Games Festival this year, the Guildford Game Jam team will be running a remote Game Jam alongside the event, open to all.

The Jam will open on 5pm Friday 13th and entries will close 5pm on Sunday the 15th. 

The main way of communicating this year will be via our Discord group here: 

The Jam will be hosted on so you can submit your games here and view everyone else’s submissions! 

You are welcome to jam solo, form teams ahead of the jam, or join up on Discord to find a team!  

The theme this year is… 


We look forward to seeing you over on Discord!