The Digital Guildford.Games Festival 2023!

Join us on Twitch and Youtube from 5pm this Saturday 11th February for 2023's Digital Guildford.Games Festival! 

When we started the Guildford.Games Festival, back in 2019, we didn't expect that just the following year we'd be forced to pivot from a face to face festival to an online one. But that was the hand we were dealt and we rolled with it - as did the amazing Guildford Games studios who offered their time so we could interview them. 

And you - our audience - did your part too! We live streamed the Festival interviews in 2020 and 2021, gaining over 4 million views! So we're doing it again, as well as the face to face fest, because we hate the thought of the world missing out on hearing from many of our talented GU studios & sponsors!

This Saturday at 5pm, join us on YouTube and Twitch for 5 hours of never-before-seen-interviews with developers from some of your favourite studios. 

Criterion, Playsport, Supermassive Games, ID@Azure and nDreams will all be present. From Demi-veterans to fresh-faced new starters, you'll hear from a variety of disciplines and backgrounds, all sharing their insight from the inside....

The schedule for the G.G Digital Festival, 11th February 2023!
The schedule for the G.G Digital Festival, 11th February 2023!

So make sure you're following us on Twitch and YouTube and turn on every available notification - you won't want to miss these exclusive interviews!